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From the Kitchen

March 31, 2010

From the Kitchen #45

It’s easy to feel at a loose end, the sense of an absence of anything to do.  It’s a strange notion and conjures up even stranger images.  What is it a loose end of?  Am I following a piece of string and then come to the end of it, dangling loosely in my hand?  What does this string represent?  Security?  Guidance?  Imperatives? (more…)

Book Reviews

March 26, 2010

Etchings Indigenous: Black and Sexy

Etchings Indigenous: Black and Sexy
Ilura Press, Melbourne, 2010
ISBN: 9781921325137
PB, 176 pp

There is an underlying tension in this collection of work by Aboriginal writers and artists, that reflects the real tension between Aborigines and the wider community in Australia.  This wider community is certainly not homogeneous, with its sometimes disparate ethnic groups, the result of waves of migration from different parts of the world.  I myself was part of such a wave in 1955.  As a society, we manage to eventually feel fairly comfortable with each ‘new’ ethnic group that comes to this country.  We accept the differences or cease to notice them. (more…)

From the Kitchen

March 24, 2010

From the Kitchen #44

Recently, sitting here at my kitchen table, dog prostrate at my feet, I have spent quiet days immersing myself in Etchings Indigenous: Black and Sexy, a project from Ilura Press.  I’ve read it through several times and contemplated the stories, poems, interviews, reviews, photography and art, trying to get my head and heart around it all in order to write a review.  It has not been easy. (more…)

From the Kitchen

March 17, 2010

From the Kitchen #43

There are still people out there who do real science: they observe something, wonder why it happens, form an hypothesis, test the hypothesis, revise the hypothesis and retest it, etc. (more…)

From the Kitchen

March 10, 2010

From the Kitchen #42

Having a new camera reminds me how much I try to capture, instead of simply enjoying, experience.  Photography as an art has its place, but coming around a bend in a road and witnessing a breath-stopping scene and whipping out the camera is questionable behaviour. (more…)

From the Kitchen

March 3, 2010

From the Kitchen #41

No-one tells the truth and that’s the truth.  Whatever we aver to be so is at best an interpretation, filtered through our own limited experience and understanding.  I’m not confusing the truth with facts, although the boundary between the two may be blurred.

If two cars are stationary at an intersection, both with crumpled bodies, that is a fact.  People looking at this would be unlikely to disagree about it.  Discovering a coherent truth about how the two cars came to be there in that way is nigh on impossible.  It depends on observations and memories and both of these are subjective and subject to errors, even deliberate falsification. (more…)