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From the Kitchen

September 22, 2010

From the Kitchen #70

I like to tell myself that I am in control of my life, that I do or do not do things as I choose.  The reality is that this is both true and not true. (more…)

From the Kitchen

September 15, 2010

From the Kitchen #69

How often do we worry about the structure and neglect the substance?  We do it within families, in business, in government and individually.  A working structure is useful in any enterprise and essential in some, while many activities can be enjoyed with no structure at all.


From the Kitchen

September 8, 2010

From the Kitchen #68

What can we believe of what we are told?  How do we judge the truth?  It is not easy.

In Victoria, the law says that a producer of orange juice may add cane sugar to the packaged juice and proudly write on the container: “100% pure orange juice.  No added sugar”.  This is to make up for any amount by which a batch of oranges may fall short of containing a specific amount of natural sugars. (more…)

From the Kitchen

September 1, 2010

From the Kitchen #67

Last week I started with a number of questions and I realise I only addressed the first of these.  The one that is worth exploring further is: How many people do work that is demoralising? (more…)