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From the Kitchen

July 28, 2010

From the Kitchen #62

Have we ever had democracy in this country?  We don’t seem to have it now.  The word ‘democracy’ denotes government by ‘the people’.  The system in place in Australia and many other countries is that the people delegate their right to govern to a group of elected representatives.  Often that is where the power of the ‘demos’ stops. (more…)

From the Kitchen

July 21, 2010

From the Kitchen #61

In a time long ago, there were two giants who both wanted to be in charge of all the people in the villages and on the farms and of all the creatures in the forests and on the plains.  Only one of the giants could be the boss.  They used to decide the issue by fighting over it, but things had changed. (more…)

From the Kitchen

July 14, 2010

From the Kitchen #60

SAD, CFS, IBS, ADD, ADHD, ASD, CVD, BCC*, DVT*… some of the acronyms of modern health and its challenges.  Are they increasing in prevalence because of changing diets and changes in agricultural practices or are they a passing fad, a fashion? (more…)

From the Kitchen

July 7, 2010

From the Kitchen #59

Living in a community is a complex undertaking.  It involves a balancing of private and public concerns.  There are some issues that are of concern to the community as a whole and some that are purely private. (more…)