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From the Kitchen

August 31, 2011

From the Kitchen #119

When you were born, it is very likely that your parents expected that you would live a long, healthy, happy and productive life.  But unlike with the purchase of, say, a car, there was no guarantee.  Yet, many of us seem to live our lives as if this were not so – we think and often act as if someone else is responsible for our lives not turning out as expected.


From the Kitchen

August 24, 2011

From the Kitchen #118

As I have said earlier, what we believe dictates how we live our lives.  If you have a set of beliefs about someone or about a group of people, your relationships with them is based on those beliefs.

In history classes at school and through reading books, I learned that Australian Aborigines were nomadic hunter-gatherers; agriculture was unknown in this country until the white settlers arrived in 1788 and, apart from temporary ‘humpies’, the Aborigines did not construct homes.


From the Kitchen

August 17, 2011

From the Kitchen #117

What are the consequences of patients being fed information about their health by the media, and then consulting doctors who do not have the time to keep up with important developments in medicine?  This question and the answers to it are complicated by the quality of the information which each relies on.


From the Kitchen

August 10, 2011

From the Kitchen #116

What we are led to believe can have long-term consequences.  In the lead-up to the 2001 Australian Federal election, we were told that refugees on a boat had thrown their children overboard, in order to force the Government to take them in.  This turned out to be false; but that information was withheld until after the election.


From the Kitchen

August 3, 2011

From the Kitchen #115

Who shapes your beliefs?

Do you follow your parents’ beliefs or are your beliefs a protest against theirs?

Are your beliefs heartfelt or based on external evidence?

Do you use your beliefs as a tool or as a weapon?

How sure are you of what you believe?  Are you open to change?  Are you committed to convincing others that your beliefs are correct?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

Are you comfortable having a belief no-one else shares?