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March 5, 2016


Clancy Tucker
ISBN: 9780646932262
95 pp
Clancy Tucker Publishing 2015

Clancy Tucker has written a delightful story of a teenage girl overcoming adversity.  Rida is an immigrant, a Muslim, and is bullied at school because of the way she looks and because she is regarded as a nerd.  She doesn’t fit in because she stands out.  In the process of trying to avoid her tormentors, she meets people who assist her in unexpected ways.

Rida also meets Ky, another girl who doesn’t fit in and who has a secret that eventually turns Rida’s life around completely.   This is a narrative very much of our time, dealing with issues of xenophobia and prejudice and how various people deal with these.

Clancy Tucker paints real people with real issues and brings it all together in a satisfying way.  At only ninety-five pages, this is a book that can easily be read in one sitting and the reader will be richly rewarded for doing so.

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